SAM in your project?

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What our customers say

Stijn Elsen

"Just like our TRANSFORM research group, Bao Living values sustainable material consumption and maximum flexibility. We are therefore delighted to install two SAM units in our Circular Retrofit Lab, the very first circular total renovation in Belgium!"

Peter De Boitselier
Investar NV

"Partly because of your conviction, this was a well-designed project that together with your enthusiasm, drive and pro-active mind-set, was well executed."

Bart Wouters
Technical Construction Director

"I must honestly say, for me the cooperation with Bao Living has been very positive. I would give this one a 9 out of 10. Therefore, the probability of us working together again is 100%!"

Lode Goethals
Bast architects

"Bao Living's vision on the integration of utilities in their first product, SAM, has what it takes to tackle the need for innovation and to speed up efficiency in the building process. We were immediately sold on the notion of installing all the utilities of a living space with just one product."

Bernard Looyens

"Smart, fast and very high quality module that can aesthetically fit anywhere and be installed seamlessly! Became a big fan!"

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