SAM showroom 2.0

Taking it up a notch with our new SAM showroom

SAM [#010]

Bao Living
Q1 2021

With our new showroom we will implement the lessons learned from our previous projects. In addition, we will also integrate new cabinet designs, appliances and SAM functionalities. This will deliver the next level of showroom experience to our customers and other stakeholders.

Walk through the latest integrations in the SAM

With our new 1 bedroom showroom we want to simulate a spacious urban living environment. We are going to achieve this by replacing the inner walls with fitted wardrobes & new modules such as a fold-out bed.

With a slightly smaller footprint of approximately 65m2 we are going to recreate a 1-bedroom apartment here in Deurne. We approach this showroom in a different way and make sure we leave some extra space. This is to show the new cabinet designs and the appliances when we have them ready. In this way we make this new showroom a real experience that will also adapt over time.

Designed by:
Axel van der Donk
CO2 emissions saved:
to be determined
# Trees planted:
to be determined
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