Renovation project in Rotterdam

Our first project abroad is located in Rotterdam. A house of 340m² which will be converted into 4 apartments.

SAM [#025-029]

Q3 2020

For the first time we are moving outside the Belgian borders with our SAM. This renovation project is located in the centre of Rotterdam. A terraced house of 340m² that will be converted into 4 sustainable and natural gas free apartments.

Energy-conscious cohabitation with Habi

Habi makes real estate sustainable and helps to transform it into energy-conscious homes intended for co-living. In these co-living apartments the SAM is central. With the soft shades of colour and wood finish we give the residents a wonderful peace of mind.

Technical shaft as central spindle of SAM

In this project, the technical shaft is the central pivot around which the SAM will be designed.
The apartments are heated by means of a heat pump which is nicely stored in the SAM. As a result, there is no need for a technical space in the houses and we create extra living space for the residents.

This project does not only stand out because of its energy-conscious way of living. In these apartments we can enjoy comfortable living with only 4 SAMs, 12 people.

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