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As the largest developer in Belgium, Immobel is of course a very well-known name in the Belgian construction landscape. We are therefore enormously proud to announce that we have started a construction team collaboration with them.

25% More living space
Initially, the studios were to be designed using a traditional construction method. However, we were then involved to work with SAM to maximize the living space in these housing units. Mission accomplished, because in this design we created no less than 25% more living space and on top of that, 50% more storage space! How did we do this? By centralizing bathroom and kitchen, turning walls and technical space into closets and implementing our fold-out bed module. With this, SAM once again proves its enormous added value in applications in small studios like this one.

In this project, we managed to create a whopping 25% more livable area and 50% more storage space!

A forward-looking project
Another important reason for implementing SAM in this project is because of its stated sustainability goals. SAM's construction technique will also eliminate the need for the studios to grind or drill into the structure, creating less debris waste. On top of that, there's the nice bonus that we are planting trees to offset all the wood used during SAM production.

For now, we can't go into more detail about which specific project this is about but this will undoubtedly change over the next few months. Want to stay up to date? Then be sure to subscribe to our newsletter via this link.

Curious to find out more about Immobel and their projects? Then be sure to read on to their website:

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