SAM [#000]

SAM showroom 1.0

Bao Living
Q2 2018
The first fully operational SAM! Set up and to be seen in the factory space of our partner

With this showroom we not only wanted to show that SAM is technically possible, but that we can also make a true aesthetic statement with it. Based on the reactions during the launch event and the many viewings that have taken place in the meantime, it’s safe to say we have succeeded.

The first SAM, do not compromise on comfort and quality of life

The average residence, be it a house or an apartment, is getting smaller and smaller. A logical consequence of rising house prices and the rapid urbanisation that is in full swing.

Through our showroom, we wanted to demonstrate that even with less space, you should certainly not lose comfort or quality of life. We achieved this by making optimal use of every square meter and replacing as many unnecessary internal walls as possible by built-in cupboards.

With this model apartment of just under 80m², we have created a home that feels at least one and a half times as big. We achieved this by keeping all walls free, but also by eliminating the traditional entrance hall and storage area, for example. After all, there is more than enough storage space in the SAM. While in traditional housing the meter cabinets with the corresponding techniques are (often embarrassingly) concealed, with strange corners and cabinets, here everything is neatly arranged in the SAM itself. In short, an end result we are extremely proud of. We therefore invite all interested parties to visit us!

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