SAM [#048-083]

36 Renovated studios in Brussels center with ION

Q2 2024
An ambitious renovation project in Brussels.

A pioneer within Belgian project development, ION Residential Platform has established itself as the first institutional housing platform of its kind. For years, they have specialized in investing in affordable and quality rental housing in Belgium that actively contributes to a more climate-friendly housing market.

We are therefore pleased to announce our partnership with ION Residential Platform. Our shared vision of sustainable and innovative living led to the transformation of a residential building in Brussels into 36 groundbreaking units of different types; both studios, apartments, and duplexes. By adapting our SAMs to each unique living situation, we ensure maximum comfort for residents of all types.

Our latest space-saving techniques implemented, such as fully integrated ventilation and built-in convectors, illustrate the flexibility and innovation possible in compact living spaces. They also provide a functional layout that encourages everyday living.

Not only do we focus on installing joinery, but with SAM we also provide a total package. Thus, we will address ventilation, technology in construction, and the complete look and feel of the rooms. Together with ION, we offer a seamlessly elegant way out for each individual unit, with every detail carefully considered to ensure an optimal living experience. Together, we strive to be as environmentally friendly as possible, both for the world and for the future residents.

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