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Increase your efficiency.
Reduce your emissions.
Build with

Shorter construction time,
more livable area,
higher efficiency and
lower emissions.
Bao Living customer URBICOON

What is SAM?

Your circular furniture system for kitchen, bathroom, heating, ventilation, water, electricity and storage.

With SAM, all your appliances and contact points are integrated into a perfectly prefabricated piece of furniture. This means a significant reduction in the installation time for the various utilities, additional living space and no more hassle and contamination with cutting and grinding!

Whether you are going to create a studio, apartment, modular home or office project, SAM will fit your needs perfectly. Regardless of whether it is a new construction or renovation project, SAM offers a seamless solution!

Why choose SAM?

Bao Living USP - Affordable , Affordable


month faster delivery

Offsite construction, fast onsite construction
One point of contact instead of several contractors
Consistent deliveries = faster sales/leasing

Bao Living USP - Affordable , Affordable



more living space

Eliminate technical storage
Fold-out furniture for extra space gain
Save on gyproc, quick construction bricks, doors, ...

Bao Living USP - Affordable , Affordable



increased rental income

Higher degree of finishing for the same construction cost
Up to 79% more storage space compared to conventional systems
Less vacancy due to high demand for furnished units

Bao Living USP - Affordable , Affordable


CO₂ - savings

Everything under construction = no grinding work on site
Recycling materials upon demolition much easier
Centralization of techniques and piping, positive for EPB

Bao Living USP - Affordable , Affordable


50% faster construction time

  • Digital first design and communication.
  • Spend less time coordinating with different installers. Reduce risk of project overruns.
  • Shorten your customers' decision-making process.
Bao Living USP - Affordable , Affordable

Create added value

30% cost optimisation

  • Rent or sell your development sooner.
  • Save on installation and material costs as we replace the interior walls with cabinets.
  • Reduce on-site installation errors, maximise returns.
Bao Living USP - Affordable , Affordable

Maximize the
livable space

10% more space

  • Fewer dividing walls and a great spacious feel.
  • High-quality cabinets instead of non-load-bearing wall walls. High storage capacity.
  • Eliminate the technical space from the design.
Bao Living USP - Affordable , Affordable

Lower environmental

Up to 5.5t CO₂ - savings

  • Maximize the life cycle and recyclability of your building.
  • SAM is a prefabricated modular product, which contributes to reducing CO2 emissions.
  • We plant trees to compensate for the wood used in your SAM.


SAMs sold




CO2 saved

SAM vs. traditional construction

Live spaciously through smart design

One of the great advantages of building with SAM is the savings in space within your project. Thanks to our modular and innovative approach to installing technology and living functions, for example, the need for a separate technical storage room is eliminated in the design. This increases the habitable area of a home by 10%. In some cases this can be as much as 20%, as shown in the example next to this text!

This has a positive impact on residential enjoyment and translates into a higher rental or sales price.

1.. 2.. 3.. Ready!

With SAM, we say goodbye to traditional construction methods. Everything is prefabricated off-site and delivered as one complete kit to your construction site. This allows our installers to work faster and more efficiently, saving you valuable time. Moreover, if required, we coordinate the entire installation process, reducing your need to manage and the risk of communication errors and better quality control. As a result, your project can be delivered an average of 3 months earlier.

Designed for a better environment

With SAM, you can save up to 5.5 tons of CO2 emissions compared to traditional construction methods just during installation. That's equivalent to the emissions of a car that would drive around the world! Thanks to easy disassembly and efficient use of materials, the environmental impact is drastically reduced. Calculate how much difference SAM can make to your project through our ECOlator on the Eco-plan page."

SAM vs. traditional construction

Live spaciously through smart design

One of the greater benefits of building with SAM is the space savings realized in your project.
Through our modular and innovative way of installing the various techniques and living functions, we eliminate, among other things, the technical storage of the design. Thus, we increase the average living space of a home by about 10%. This can even go up to 20% as in the example on the right!

This results not only in a more pleasant living experience but also in a higher rental or sales price.

2 for the price of 1

With our standardised kitchen modules you get double value for your investment. Not only do they provide your kitchen with all the necessary appliances and counter space, in most designs their back side also serves as a bathroom wall.

This way you save space and budget for your project!

Space in small area

Our SAM specific storage cabinets replace the dividing wall between bedroom and living area.
This creates extra storage space in a space that
is difficult to provide in smaller homes.

You also have the option of fitting a murphy bed in the SAM. In this way, you save even more valuable space in your flat or studio.

SAM in action

Clever layout. Modular concept.

Watch the video and discover SAM's unique construction.

Unlike fixed prefab solutions, SAM is completely modular. Our software configurator currently offers more than 35 different modular cabinets. This allows us to work with each customer to create their ideal personalized SAM design. This therefore not only makes it personal, but also affordable, user-friendly and efficient.

Discover the 2024 SAM Catalog

Meet the latest edition of our SAM Catalog, featuring new finishes, utilities and smart furniture solutions. We're also introducing three new options: smart energy management, a wide range of lighting choices and a section on circular bathroom options. And all at even more affordable prices. Click the link to view the catalog!

What our customers say

Bernard Looyens

"Smart, fast and very high quality module that can aesthetically fit anywhere and be installed seamlessly! Became a big fan!"

Peter Verhees

In this project, the technical shaft is the central hub around which the SAM is designed. The flats are heated by means of a heat pump that is nicely concealed in the SAM. As a result, there is no need for a technical room in the flats and we create extra living space for the residents.

Bart Wouters
Technical Construction Director

"I must honestly say, for me the cooperation with Bao Living has been very positive. I would give this one a 9 out of 10. Therefore, the probability of us working together again is 100%!"

Peter De Boitselier
Investar NV

"Partly because of your conviction, this was a well-designed project that together with your enthusiasm, drive and pro-active mind-set, was well executed."

Lode Goethals
Bast architects

"Bao Living's vision on the integration of utilities in their first product, SAM, has what it takes to tackle the need for innovation and to speed up efficiency in the building process. We were immediately sold on the notion of installing all the utilities of a living space with just one product."

Stijn Elsen

"Just like our TRANSFORM research group, Bao Living values sustainable material consumption and maximum flexibility. We are therefore delighted to install two SAM units in our Circular Retrofit Lab, the very first circular total renovation in Belgium!"

SAM in the press

Find out all about it in the articles below!


Bernard Looyens


Peter Verhees


Bart Wouters

Technical Construction Director

Peter De Boitselier

"Smart, fast and very high quality module that can aesthetically fit anywhere and be installed seamlessly! Became a big fan!"

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