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Increase your profitability.
Build with SAM.

Shorter turnaround time, lower
error costs and more livable
Bao Living customer URBICOON

SAM vs traditional

SAM integrates all appliances and contact points into a perfectly transformable unit. In this way, we drastically speed up the installation process of utilities and make cutting and grinding a thing of the past.

SAM offers a flexible, modular solution incorporating heating, electricity, water, ventilation, home automation, kitchen and bathroom.

Why should you
choose SAM?

Bao Living USP - Affordable , Affordable


  • Spend less time coordinating with different installers.
  • Digital first design and communication.
  • Shorten your customers' decision-making process.
Bao Living USP - Affordable , Affordable


  • High quality furniture instead of non-structural walls.
  • Rent or sell your development sooner.
  • Reduce errors, maximise returns.
Bao Living USP - Affordable , Affordable

Maximize the
livable space

  • More livable space in
    every room connected to SAM.
  • Fewer dividing walls and a great spacious feel.
  • More storage space in the homes you build.
Bao Living USP - Affordable , Affordable

Lower environmental

  • Maximize the life cycle and recyclability of your building.
  • Save hundreds of kilos of waste during installation.
  • We plant up to 16 trees per SAM installed.

Smart layout.
Modular concept.

Watch this video to find out how SAM is built.

SAM is not a fixed design, it is a fully modular solution. Currently, our software configurator contains about 35 different modular cabinets. This allows us to adapt with our customers' preferences in designing their favorite SAM. Its personal, affordable, simple and fast.

Our realisations


Reconversion of vacant offices into apartments

With the help of SAM, you can convert your vacant office space into a spacious, sustainable and affordable apartment in no time. For more information, visit our reconversion page below.