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Bao Living presents SAM, a product that makes the residential construction market more affordable and sustainable. Save up to 30% on the cost price of utilities and reduce the ecological impact of the construction process.

Why SAM?

In a traditional building system, the piping and cables reaches the home from one central point. They are then spread all over the home by embedding them in the walls and floors. Building with SAM bundles all appliances and utilities in a perfectly transformable unit. Heating, electricity, water, ventilation, home automation, kitchen and bathroom. It's all in there.

Bao Living USP - Affordable , Affordable

Smart Layout

With SAM you optimize the available space and create more livable space.
Bao Living USP - Sustainable, Sustainable


Save up to 30% on the cost of your utilities!
Bao Living USP - Modular, Modular


Reduce the ecological impact and save up to 4 tons of CO2!


SAM is not a fixed design, it is a fully modular solution. Currently, our software configurator contains about 35 different modular cabinets. These allow us to design a whole range of different SAM designs together with our customers. Personal, affordable, simple and fast!

SAM (Smart adaptive module) from Bao Living as a modular solution consisting of 35 different cabinets that can be placed together to create a personalised design. SAM Configurator for Sketchup helps creating these designs based on customers personal needs. It is an affordable, simple and fast solution

Our realisations

SAM has something for everyone

Bao Living customers, target audience - Project developers, project developers

Project developers

Faster: the installation of one entire SAM unit only takes 3 to 5 working days.

Cost saving: up to 30% reduction in the cost of installing utilities.

Simpler: we take care of the entire installation process. This means fewer subcontractors to manage, lower risk of communication errors and better quality control.

More ecological: just by installing SAM, we already save about 4 tons of CO2. In addition to that, we also choose the most efficient, reliable and durable devices and products available.

Bao Living customers, target audience - Architects, Architects


Faster design: our software configurator allows for fast and simple 3D interior designs. This helps us to get customer feedback quickly and easily, that simplifies and speed up the entire design process.

Less project management: we'll take care of the process. This reduces your time spent on project management and on-site monitoring.

Bao Living customers, target audience - Inhabitants, Residents


More spacious: by designing the space with the end user in mind, we ensure optimal comfort, more usable space and more storage space.

Carefree living: in case of problems our service line is available 24/7.

More ecological: your home is built with a smaller ecological footprint, along with durable, high quality materials and appliances.