Small-scale, energy-efficient and affordable housing in Huldenberg

Our SAM in a small energy efficient pilot house

SAM [#011-014]

Q2 2021

With the European 'InterregB Project' Kamp C and the province of Flemish Brabant, together with other European project partners, are looking for ways to make zero energy housing feasible for everyone. For the units in Huldenberg, they are building six small-scale low-energy dwellings on a former campsite and weekend residence site that has been converted into a zone for small-scale living. Four of these will be filled in with SAM.

Small and energy efficient living with SAM

For the 4 small houses in Huldenberg the choice was made to work together with SAM. This super compact SAM houses the kitchen, bathroom and all utilities on a minimal surface. For the first time we placed an open bathroom that creates a spacious feeling.

In this European project, which focuses on reducing CO2, several affordable and energy-efficient designs are being built in the other countries. The designs will be placed on a digital platform where you can see the influence of the choices of materials and dimensions on the energy consumption, footprint and cost price of a home. The houses in Flemish Brabant will first be rented out to small households to test whether they meet all needs and wishes.

In collaboration with Bast Architects, Inhout, Everywhere Architecture, VOLTA and VMSW, we strive for climate-friendly homes at a competitive price, which can also be used within social housing with small modifications in the modular design. We are happy to be part of this socially innovative project.

Want to know more about this project? Our project partner Camp C wrote an article about it. You can find it here.

Designed by:
Dorien Eeckhout
CO2 emissions saved:
to be determined
# Trees planted:
to be determined
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