Circular construction with BAST

Our first commercial realization.

SAM [#001]

10.12.18 to 18.12.18

Our first commercial realization. A free-standing house of 120 square meters on the outskirts of Ghent. The project had a very far-reaching modular and prefabricated approach. Because of this, the entire house was put up in less than 10 working days. It consists of prefabricated units from Stido, modular internal walls from JuuNoo and, of course, our own SAM system.

Ecological and circular building with Bast.

We designed this SAM on behalf of Bast, an architectural firm with a pioneering role in the field of ecological and circular building. With this ambitious project, our clients wanted to take the test to see how far we stand in Belgium in the field of applied modularity in the residential construction sector. A single dwelling of 120m² is outside our normal target group of residential projects, but we could not turn down such an offer. With a total turnaround time of 10 working days, this project became a real statement of the efficiency that can be achieved thanks to modular and prefabricated techniques and carcass construction.

Want to find out more about this property? Watch the movie 'A forever home' from tvplus via the following link:

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