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Cost-effective construction: the modular alternative

The traditional building landscape faces change; modular construction offers a revolutionary alternative.

Green building revolution: Sustainable projects in the spotlight

Sustainable construction projects aiming for minimal environmental impact

Installation of indoor utilities through modular and circular construction

The importance and advantages of a modular furniture system equipped with techniques.

The innovative renovation wave in the European Union

How can SAM play a role in the European renovation wave coming our way?

When every square foot counts

How can we make the most of our smaller living space?

The "Secret" Bao Living Master Plan: Part Two.

The first master plan that we wrote some 3 years ago (June 2017) has recently...

The Environmental Impact Clash: SAM vs Construction Tradition

How the construction industry is polluting our world and how we're doing our part to solve it.

Towards Carbon Neutrality and Beyond

How Bao Living and trees unite forces to fight climate change

Why modular homes can increase your quality of life

The beauty and diversity of modular homes.

The rise of construction industry startup funding.

The amount of funding invested into startups that are tackling problems in real estate and construction has increased drastically.

How to Properly Value Materials

Material Passports, what they are and why they're actually quite a fantastic idea.

Cohousing: the future of living

What about your privacy?

From Home Automation to Building Automation

Whats the difference and what can you do with it?

The "Secret" Bao Living Master Plan: Part One.

A little back story for this blog post. It contains the main motivation and.....

The 49 billion dollar opportunity

Construction projects have the tendency to finish late and run over budget. It's just the way it is....