SAM [#036]

A circular vacation home with Kozo

Q3 2022
Sustainability is crucial

Kozo developed a unique, innovative and dynamic system of fixed parts and modules in a skeleton structure that can be combined to form a wind and watertight energy-efficient building shell. Meccano on a life-size scale! By combining this with a SAM, together we raise circular construction to a higher level.

The recreation house is the fourth joint design between KOZO and Bao Living. You can admire all the other designs during a visit to this first realisation.

In our ongoing collaboration, our visions remain seamlessly aligned, which makes us look forward to our future joint venture. Through the synergy of our two innovative building systems, we strive to optimally reduce our environmental impact.

This new project with KOZO also serves as a model home, through which we intend to further promote our partnership. Designed as a recreational residence, the model home challenges both parties with its wider dimensions. This residence exudes a homelike atmosphere and features a mezzanine, maximizing the total living space.

We are very excited about this first joint realization with KOZO and hope you are too. Below you will find some attractive pictures to get an impression.

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