SAM [#038]

SAM office at the Airport Business Center

Q1 2023
A second SAM close to home

In Q1 of 2023 we realized our second SAM in an office space. This time in collaboration with DESNV and just around the corner from our own office here in Deurne. DESNV is a Belgian real estate company specialized in the rental of offices. For this project, they wanted to give the current space a complete makeover by doing a total renovation. They came to us because they were looking for a layout that was as efficient as possible but still had all the amenities an office needs: kitchen, shower room, 2 toilets and a checkroom.


DESNV wants to make the office space as future-proof as possible by using SAM.

SAM's non-destructive construction technique contributes to this perfectly and is ideally suited for a renovation project like this. Together with them we have developed a unique SAM configuration that we can undoubtedly apply in other office spaces. We are therefore very pleased that another SAM will be added to our living environment, undoubtedly not the last!

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