SAM [#042-047]

New construction art deco apartments in Mol

Q2 2024
In the heart of the Kempen, we will place six SAMs in a brand new "Art Deco" building.

Construction of our tenth project is about to begin. A milestone we are very proud of!

In Mol center, works are about to begin on a new residential and commercial building that we have been invited to help with. The new building project is an ode to the old building that existed for almost a century and housed the historic furniture store 'Deko' until the 1960s. With negative energy levels, a communal roof garden and of course the use of SAM, among other things, the architects are trying to bring the quality of life of the building to the highest possible level.

As the Art Deco style is characterized by austere geometric design, SAM is almost the perfect solution for the interior. We were therefore allowed to make a design for 6 of the 24 apartments. With SAM, we also immediately replace some internal walls with functional cupboard space. Our concept here deviates from the traditional interpretation of an average apartment.

The building will consist of 24 apartments and some commercial spaces on the ground floor. Bao Living will take on the installation of utilities, storage and spatial layout at six of these apartments through the implementation of our Smart Adaptable Module.

We can't wait to get started on this new, innovative project! Want to learn more about these apartments? Then click the button below!

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