We take care of the entire process from A to Z. We know perfectly well what we're doing. The installation of the entire module and all utilities is done with fewer subcontractors, fewer worries and better quality control. 

Picture of the founders of Bao Living, Benjamin Eysermans (Co-founder and CMO) & Axel van der Donk (Co-founder and CTO)


Project developers & Architects: We meet each other for a first acquaintance with SAM in our showroom or at your office. We look at a possible project and see what we can do for each other.

After our introduction you can fill out our online questionnaire so we have all the info we need to get started on your project.


Project developers: We can draw up a design proposal within 3 weeks. After your feedback, we can put a more detailed proposal on the table.

Architects: The design of SAM can be outsourced to us or you can use our Sketchup configurator yourself. The 3D model can also be made fully BIM compatible.

Occupants: SAM's finishing options can be chosen in consultation with the project developer.


Project developers: Most of the SAM is assembled off-site. The industrialised process ensures minimal work needs to be done on site as possible.

Architects: Because the model is made BIM-compatible, we can prevent possible constructional conflicts in advance. This means that the predefined turnaround time is guaranteed.

Residents: Because we manage everything ourselves, we can offer higher quality in various areas.


Project developers: Because we take care of the entire installation process from A to Z, you have fewer subcontractors to manage, less risk of communication errors and better quality control.

Architects: Only one party to be managed, that takes care of the entire installation of all utilities. As a result, fewer site visits are necessary.

Occupants: Thanks to the short installation time of SAM, you can move into your new or renovated home more quickly.

SAM (Smart adaptive module) from Bao Living - SAM 3D mock up design made on Sketchup configurator
Brown SAM (Smart adaptive module) from Bao Living - SAM production and assembly - BIM compatible & High quality
SAM (Smart adaptive module) from Bao Living - Yellow colour funky SAM installation at VUB campus
Now that you know how the SAM works, you might start itching to work with us. Or do you have additional questions? At our meeting, we'll answer all your questions and see how we can integrate SAM into your next project. Make an appointment below!