Your new workplace?

Join us in our recently renovated office and workshop located next to Antwerp Airport.

Our office, located just 10 minutes by bike from Antwerp Berchem station, is part of a small co-working space called Moskaw. Moskaw is also the home of Redo Papers and Studio De Ronners. A shared lunch over the afternoon and after work drinks are just a small taste of what you get when you work here.

Bao Living, Antwerp - Belgium. Team, Office, Work station, Founders, Work life

Our values

Bao Living, Antwerp - Belgium, ValuesBao Living, Antwerp - Belgium, ValuesBao Living, Antwerp - Belgium, Values

How does a recruitment go?

The phone call

After reading your application, we'll contact you for a short talk about what we thought was positive about you and to discuss the next steps.

The first interview

About a week later. This does not take longer than an hour and is a meeting to get acquainted and to see if there is a match between you and our company.

The mission

Depending on the position you will have within the company, we may give you a small assignment. That's how we see how you work. We try to keep this as short as possible, around 2 to 3 hours of work..

The last interview

During the final interview we ask some questions, based on the previous 2 interviews and our own questionnaire with some deep questions.

The verdict

If you become our new team member we will call you within 2 weeks after the final interview.