SAM [#039-040]

Two SAMs in bustling The Hague

Q2 2023
Unique SAM designs for Spectrum Invest

Two totally different SAMs in a charming home in the middle of The Hague.

The Hague is known for its characteristic and charming architecture. The traditional buildings bring individuality to the city and therefore have a high interest. At the beautiful renovation project of our client Spectrum Invest, we placed two totally different SAMs in Nassau Dillenburgstraat!

Two unique SAMs, fully adapted to the spaces to make the most of them.

For this project, we developed two completely different SAMs completely customized. The first design is very similar to our one-bed SAM from the SAM collection. Only the layout is layered to fit the space to provide more privacy in the bedroom.

In contrast, the 2nd SAM has and very atypical configuration. Here the SAM is split into three different units; the kitchen, bathroom and storage units with desk. Normally we advise against this because SAM gets its efficiency precisely from the fact that all utilities are centralized, but for this project we had to be creative with the space that was available and we are always open to a fun challenge!

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