Cosy living unit in the Kempen

A small but nice SAM in a cozy guesthouse


August 2020

Under the motto small but nice, we place our SAM in a cozy guesthouse in the Kempen. The unit is ideal as a covered spot in your garden and the fact that you do not need a building permit for it is extra advantageous. Half of the house is made up of windows and these not only provide an excess of light but also give you an extra spacious feeling. The unit is built entirely out of ecological materials and this is fully in line with our vision.

A small SAM for an extra spacious feeling

This little SAM house has everything. With only a few cabinets we have created a living space, kitchen and bathroom in this unit of about 27m². Ideal for cozy get-togethers or a nice party. A large fridge provides fresh drinks and you don't have to worry about the dishes because of the integrated dishwasher. Proof once again that our SAM can be completely modular and be adapted to any room.

With a realisation in August 2020 we are facing a nice challenge!

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