SAM [#037]

A modular partnership with STiDO

Q1 2023
STiDO x Bao Living

A prefabricated modular wood frame manufacturer sounded like an ideal partner for our Smart Adaptable Module. We are therefore very pleased to announce our new partnership with STiDO after a positive behind-the-scenes process!

STiDO is a well-known player in the Belgian modular construction sector. For several years they have specialized in the design, production and marketing of mobile outbuildings and houses. Their modules are prefabricated 'in house' which, as with SAM, saves a lot of construction time. This allows you as a customer to receive your new quality home in no time.

Together with STiDO, we have the opportunity to create a fully modular living system.

This promising partnership will kick off by building a SAM showroom at STiDO. Here they will show their customers themselves what is possible with their own modular housing units in combination with SAM. Because of the various advantages SAM has, the selection process for the customer will be even easier and faster and, in addition, the house will offer even more possibilities because the living space can be maximized. We are already looking forward to seeing what this promising collaboration has in store.

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