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Transform empty
offices with SAM

Convert vacant offices into beautiful
apartments and studios. With SAM you
have quicker process time, lower costs
and more livable space.
Bao Living customer URBICOON

We ensure a smoother reconversion using SAM

Converting vacant offices into apartments is often a large and complicated project. Often people give up due to this reason. Which is a shame, because despite growing urbanisation, many offices remain vacant.

With our Smart Adaptable Module (SAM), reconversion is made easy.
In SAM you have all the utilities - heating, ventilation, water, electricity, storage, a kitchen and a bathroom - making it an all in 1 compact central module in the apartment.

SAM saves time, costs and space.

Bao Living USP - Affordable , Affordable

Kitchen, bathroom,
heating, ventilation
and electricity

Bao Living USP - Affordable , Affordable

the living space

Bao Living USP - Affordable , Affordable

unexpected costs

Bao Living USP - Affordable , Affordable

Reduce the
impact on
the environment

Why choose SAM
for reconversion?

  • Save 20% on emissions
  • Reduce your costs by 30%
  • Enter the market two months faster

Who are we?

Bao Living designs systems that make house building more affordable and sustainable. We are a young team of engineers, project developers and marketers. Together, we want to have a positive impact on one of the most polluting sectors: construction. After the successful completion of 4 pilot projects, we are busy developing a new batch of projects.

2022 will be a great year!

Why do we do it?

Compared to a traditional building process, building with SAM can save about 4 tons of CO2 emissions on installation alone. That is equal to the emissions of a car driving around the world. This, combined with the ease of disassembly and the efficient use of materials, ensures that the impact on the environment is drastically reduced. In addition, we want to make the housing sector more financially advantageous.

Through our SAMulator you can calculate how much CO2 and costs you could save by using SAM.

4-step process

We take care of the entire process from A to Z. In addition, we know exactly what we are doing. The installation of the entire module and all utilities will be taken care of, with less subcontractors, less worries and better quality control.
Picture of the founders of Bao Living, Benjamin Eysermans (Co-founder and CMO) & Axel van der Donk (Co-founder and CTO)


We meet for a first introduction to SAM in our showroom or at your office. We look at a possible project and see what we can do for each other.

After our first meeting you can fill out our online questionnaire so we have all the information that we need to start working on your project.


Within 3 weeks we will make a design proposal. After getting your feedback we will make a detailed proposal.


The majority of SAM is assembled off-site. The industrialized process ensures that as little as possible needs to be done on-site.


Because we take over the entire installation process from A to Z, you have fewer subcontractors to manage, the risk of communication errors is smaller and there is better quality control.

SAM (Smart adaptive module) from Bao Living - SAM 3D mock up design made on Sketchup configurator
Brown SAM (Smart adaptive module) from Bao Living - SAM production and assembly - BIM compatible & High quality
SAM (Smart adaptive module) from Bao Living - Yellow colour funky SAM installation at VUB campus