Our eco-plan

Why we do it

Sustainability & affordability

Compared to a traditional building process, building with SAM can save about 4 tons of CO2 emissions on the installation alone. That's equal to the emissions of a car that would drive around the world. This in combination with the ease of disassembly and the efficient use of materials ensures that the impact on the environment is drastically reduced.

Sustainable construction partner

Since 2020, Bao Living has been a partner in Vibe and Circubuild. Vibe is a quality label and knowledge centre for environmentally friendly and healthy building and living in Flanders. Circubuild is the leading communication partner on circular building in Flanders.

Read more about these partnerships on our VIBE and Circubuild pages.

Bao Living, Antwerp - Belgium, Eco PlanBao Living, Antwerp - Belgium, Eco Plan

Will you plant with us?

We, at Bao Living, decided to give the world more oxygen and green. To compensate for the (already drastically reduced) CO2 emissions of the production and installation of our SAMs, we are planting new trees together with our partner Vanhout.pro.

Better yet, we are going to double them. This makes SAM a CO2-negative product!

Your environmental contribution?

With this "ECOlator" tool, you can calculate the positive environmental contribution you can make by building with SAM.

Simply select the number of SAM(s) you need, the size of the apartment and the type of SAM model and be amazed by the positive impact you will make!

Would you like to know more?

In the blog posts below you will find out how we make the impact of our SAM CO2 negative.

Towards Carbon Neutrality and Beyond
The Environmental Impact Clash

Bao Living, Antwerp - Belgium, Eco Plan