A new modular construction partner in the Netherlands

Q4 2023
Modular homes enriched with the unique features of our SAM.

Jeremy Timmer is a Dutch eco-entrepreneur who has ventured into modular housing. For the utilities of these homes, he was looking for a simple and sustainable installation solution. When he heard about SAM, he decided to collaborate with the architect and us in creating unique homes on the outskirts of Amsterdam. More specifically in Almere Oosterwold, this is an experimental garden for for new ways of sustainable, bio-based and compact building in the Netherlands.

This project marks an important milestone as we are working with a modular construction company for the first time in the Netherlands. 

A notable feature of SAM in these prefabricated homes is their unique visual design. We aim for an elegant look where the versatility of the SAM responds to the functionalities in its context, without compromising the spatial feeling. SAM's 3D impressions are the result of a study where SAM was incorporated into the sketch design by the architect. Through thoughtful configuration, even this compact area can be arranged as a full-fledged 2-bedroom home.

As we progress on this project, we look forward to the further innovation SAM will bring to the modular precast market. We are excited to work with Jeremy Timmer and contribute to the creation of homes that reflect our shared vision of design and the environment.

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