SAM (Smart adaptive module) from Bao Living - Yellow colour Funky SAM at VUB campus
These are just a few examples and can be adapted to your taste

Colour your SAM!

The front material of every SAM consists of HPL (High Pressure Laminate), so all cabinet doors, the kitchen and bathroom surfaces are made from a high-quality durable material.
The inside of the cabinets is finished with melamine.

We work with different finishing options, within these segments we have defined a fixed colour palette to choose from.

Discover different options below!

The different SAM options

White SAM (Smart adaptive module) from Bao Living - Type Basic


If you choose this option, the colour of the niches, kitchen worktop, skirting boards and cornices is white as standard. You can choose the colour of the corpusses from our range.

Grotto & Grigio Perla SAM (Smart adaptive module) from Bao Living - Type Mid


In this segment, in addition to the properties listed here, you can also choose the colour of the niches, the kitchen worktop, the skirting boards and the cornices. You can then choose 2 colors in your SAM

Olive Green SAM (Smart adaptive module) from Bao Living - Type Plus


Here you can choose 3 different colors for your SAM. The same colour for the niches and kitchen worktop, a different colour for the skirting boards and cornices and finally the colour of the corpus. In PLUS you can also choose a wood or stone finish.

SAM as a light source

The SAM as an extra light source in the house? This is possible by integrating LED strips.

  • In BASIC, the kitchen worktop is illuminated by an LED strip in the wall cabinets.
  • The MID segment already has some more light because of an extra LED strip in the cornice.
  • If you want your SAM to lighten up a bit more in the room, choose PLUS, with another LED strip integrated in the skirting board.

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