Episode #5: Serge de Gheldere

August 6, 2021

Serge is an Al Gore "climate ambassador", initiator of the climate case against Belgium (which he and his colleagues recently won) and founder & CEO at Futureproofed. Futureproofed's mission is to help companies and cities to become 'futureproof' and thus reduce their CO2 emissions while saving costs, stimulating innovation and becoming more attractive.

Two branches of Futureproofed are working towards this goal: FutureproofedCities is a software platform that connects more than 145 municipalities and helps them implement their climate plan. CarbonCap is a similar service but aimed at businesses, launching in September 2021. Carboncap enables companies to measure, manage and reduce their carbon emissions faster and easier within their organisation.

For more info on Serge's activities, see

What is frightening is the fact that the climate effects we are now seeing all over the world are actually the result of CO2 accumulated up to 1980. There is a 30-40 year lag between emitting a tonne of CO2 and seeing the full effects.

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