Episode #25: Idriss Goossens

August 31, 2023

For our anniversary episode, number 25, we are doing a Part 2 with one of our previous guests for the first time. He was guest #1 and now he's back: Idriss Goossens! Idriss has not been idle since the last episode, 2.5 years ago. Today he is not only co-founder of PropTech Lab Belgium, but has also founded LuxPropTech, Relevation and RecAp, the latter being a joint venture between PropTech Lab and developer Revive.

This may be a lot for you to take in, but the important thing to know is that their main focus is to connect and accelerate businesses (start-ups and investors) in the real estate industry. And we'll definitely dive deeper into that this episode!

For me, the biggest change after Covid is that real estate companies are making a distinction between what innovations are essential to the growth of their business and what are "nice to haves. They used to just try everything, but everyone had to cut costs, and now they are looking more at what is critical to the long-term vision of the company.

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