Episode #24: Minne Warmenbol

July 3, 2023

In episode 24 of the Bao Podcast, we welcome Minne Warmenbol. Minne holds a master's degree in Architecture and co-founded BUURMAN Antwerp 3 years ago.

BUURMAN Antwerp is a circular construction market where reused building materials from the region are collected, processed and offered. In this way, they offer a logical and local alternative to burning or low-grade recycling of good materials. The materials come from a variety of different parties - from museums to demolition companies - that they cannot repurpose within their organizations. A partnership with Buurman solves a waste problem and a sustainability problem for them at the same time. In addition to used materials, they also reuse uprooted city trees. These tree trunks are processed into usable wood planks, instead of being shredded in the regular, low-grade way.

It's really satisfying to know that all the materials that come into our house would have been waste or burned. That, to me, is the best thing about Neighbor.

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