Episode #23: Simon Maillet

May 31, 2023

For episode 23 of the Bao Podcast, we welcome Simon Maillet. Simon is the Group Sustainability Officer at Cordeel Group. Originally from Germany, he has been living in Belgium for almost 5 years. He interned as an industrial clerk and later studied economics part-time. He has been with Cordeel for almost a year now.

The Cordeel Group, a leading European construction company based in Belgium, offers comprehensive services for the entire construction process. It consists of several highly specialized companies that collectively offer expertise in all aspects of construction, from design and technical support to completion and maintenance. In essence, Cordeel Group is more than just a construction company, as it offers a one-stop solution for all construction needs.

The challenge of buying a house is too crazy in countries like Germany, I would even say we are in a luxury position in Belgium. The price is so expensive in Germany that the many people who buy a house often don't get it paid off in time so the children have to pay it off further.

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