Episode #21: Lieven Smeyers

April 3, 2023

Lieven is CEO of Lito. He and his team managed to develop the 'Litobox': the Litobox combines a heat pump, solar water heater, PV system, battery storage, rainwater filtration, ventilation, electrical equipment and internet network in one unit. All this in 3 square meters and installed in less than an hour! We at Bao Living look with admiration at this innovative product and consequently are happy to discuss it with Lieven. For more information about Lito, please visit

The construction sector has changed in Belgium: ten years ago, 75% of building permits were given to the people who actually went to live in those buildings, while today 75% of building permits are given to the developers. So the construction market has become much more B2B, which means that this is also the market where we are going to have to make the difference in terms of innovation.

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