Episode #19: Sarah Parent

February 1, 2023

Sarah is founder and CEO of Go Forest. This is a young company (founded in 2020) that plants trees around the world for businesses and individuals who want to work towards a greener environment. Go Forest aims to restore nature by planting the right kind of trees in environments where they have positive effects on biodiversity, carbon sequestration, employment, livelihoods and local economies.

With over 200 companies becoming clients in just 2 years, they have experienced tremendously rapid growth. Therefore, I thought it would be interesting to invite Sarah to discuss the past 2 years together and also look ahead to the future. For more info on Go Forest, please visit

To plant the trees, we look at regions where there is a lot of deforestation that has a very bad impact on local communities, like Africa, for example. There, people really depend on nature to survive. That's where my personal passion lies: helping people with a system, which in this case is planting trees. But even in countries like Belgium, it is essential to keep planting trees: we need to remove the diseased trees and replace them with more "resilient" trees, which are already better adapted to warmer weather conditions, for example.

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