Episode #17: Kristof De Jaeger

November 25, 2022

For episode 17 of the Bao Podcast, we had the honor of welcoming Kristof De Jaeger. Kristof is director of Inhout, a company specialized in timber frame construction. Here they focus on sustainable business using bio-ecological materials. Since 2020, they have also been making modular homes, under the name Mobble. This is the result of a collaboration with the University of Ghent. These houses, "Mobbles," are also made of sustainable materials (wood frame with bio-ecological insulation materials) and are flexible and adaptable according to the needs of the moment.

We at Bao Living have already had the honor of working with Mobble when they were just getting started. We love the idea behind it, and Kristof is one of the guests who has been on our list of podcast guests for a long time, so are very happy to welcome him.

For more information about Inhout and Mobble, visit

What sets us apart from other modular builders is the circular and environmentally friendly approach. Our idea is that we create something that can later be completely disassembled and reused in other projects.

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