Episode #12: Sven Grooten

April 22, 2022

In episode 12 of the Bao Podcast we welcome Sven Grooten. Sven is one of the founders of B-architects. Through the years he started two spin-offs called B-bis and B-city. Today B-architects, B-bis, and B-city have grown to a joint office of more than 75 people. Each B-team has its own focus and way of working, yet they all share a distinctly innovative outlook on the variety of projects that the B-platforms face. For more information, please visit

In my view, architecture should be a compulsory subject in education. Everyone, especially in Belgium, can decide where and how to build a house. But most of these people take a decision while they are not aware of the responsibility. They all take a piece of land, but many people who take a piece of land for themselves are destroying the environment.

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