Episode #10: Jan Kriekels

February 25, 2022

After a short winter break, we are back with a bang! For our tenth episode, Jan Kriekels is our guest. Jan is the owner of Jaga Climate Designers, a radiator manufacturer that uses innovative heating and cooling technologies. Jaga employs more than 600 people and operates in more than 35 countries around the world. Under his leadership, the company has won a large number of international design and export awards. Among many other major projects, they are the company behind the innovative heating technology installed in the residence of Russian President Putin and in the Telefónica headquarters in Madrid. For more information, please visit

At Jaga, we designed Coollabs, a place where everyone can come and think about how we can survive the enormous heat that our planet will face in the years to come. Our food will burn, water will evaporate: we need solutions for that. This is not a worst-case scenario, it is the truth. We cannot reverse this situation, we will have to adapt.  

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